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We're Here to Listen


We're Here to Listen

Who We Are


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

The relationship we have with our family is the method by which we learn to be people.  It is how we learn to trust, to care and to love.  Our mission at TWFC is to assist families with open communication, building trust, and cultivating respect and understanding of each other. 


Our Focus

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our focus is to help individuals, couples and families discover inner strength , energize their goals and dreams, and become aware of their gifts. We achieve this by providing a neutral space to facilitate self exploration, self discovery and inner growth.


Our Method

Our Mission

Our Method

Our method is to use sincerity and earnestness to help you deeply explore the things that may be holding you back from your true authentic life.  Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

The Struggles


Family Therapy

Many families struggle with the day to day stressors of life which may affect communication, trust, and peace in the home.  Whether you have teenagers you struggle to connect with, children who are struggling with difficult behavior, chronic or terminal illness, divorce or any other challenges a family my experience, we can help you. 



Parenting Support

It is not easy being a parent in the 21st century.  Our kids are exposed to too much too early and it causing an epidemic of stress, depression, anxiety and substance abuse in our children.  We help parents navigate the complicated world of finding the balance between discipline and deep and thoughtful communication with their children.




Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with both couples and is a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.     


Emotional Support for First Responders

The helpers of our community spend so much of their time, effort, skills and passion helping everyone without hesitation or risk to their own safety.  In order for first responders to do their best, they also need emotional support to continue to do their important work.  We would like to provide that support to the first responders, teachers, doctors, and nurses in our community.  Please contact us for more information.


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